1. Learned to ignore people on the streets who were there to “help”. From hailing auto-rickshaw to ear cleaning service.

2. It takes so much energy to hail an autorickshaw and negotiate prices.

3. Four people can squeeze onto an auto-rickshaw! Not once but thrice!

4. Red Fort is closed on Monday!

5. Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is so crowded. Cars autorickshaws cyclerickshaws dogs cows and pedestrians share narrow streets. Honking heard everywhere anytime except at night.

6. Hired autorickshaw driver stops on the side of a road and says “1 minute”. He walks to the sidewalk, pees comes back and continues driving as usual.

7. We did not lose our shoes after visiting the mosque (Jama Masjid).

8. Jantar Mantar is a beautiful place. A nice break from the noise and chaos.

9. First meal was a deluxe thali lunch and a lassi 90Rs at a place on Chadni Chowk.

10. Dinner was a tandoori chickenwith garlic naan and delicious masala tea in CP. 700Rs.

11. Did I mention it’s crowded and noisy over here? It’s intense.

12. People are generally friendly. They just want to make a living off tourists. (see note #1)

13. Wheeled luggage works in New Delhi so far. (phew…)



Laser edged figure on Acadia wood cutting board.
The skier aligns with the natural wood grain.

Many thanks to VW for this lovely gift!

I just found it in the washing machine.  I must’ve left it in the shirt pocket last night after Scissor Sisters’ concert and in it went to the washer when I came home.  I didn’t remember it until this evening.  I will give it one day to air dry in hope that it lives!

Sound Academy
August 31

The Scissor Sisters’ performance was incredible! The favourites and popular ones were at their usual best. Music and dancing were non-stop. The “Invisible Light” pushed the night to the climax in the encore when money (literally 3-dollar bills) and silver confetti went flying in the air.

Thanks PL for coming with me on a Tuesday night!

Another public space on the waterfront has opened – The Sugar Beach – at the base of Jarvis, just a short walk from St Lawrence Market.

  • Iris: Hey! I want to try this with you when you come back!! =)
  • Julie: I really like this building, it's cool looking, and as I lived in a hotel nearby, whenever I got lost I could just look for that tower (which was easi
  • rlee: nice "dragon" ;)